Co-ops at Carmanah

Since 2011, Carmanah has hired co-op students for positions throughout the business, including sales, marketing communications, customer service, product development, and more. We integrate all students into our world, where they learn all about our business and tackle real-life problems and solutions. While we push students to improve, we value their fresh eyes and contributions on how we can grow as well.  Several co-op students have even become permanent full-time employees. We are very proud of our co-op program, and believe it is integral in carrying our business forward.


What do past co-ops say about their experience at Carmanah?

“Carmanah was a fantastic place to gain experience and grow. With such an open and supportive environment, it is easy to get to know other colleagues and learn from them. Pancake breakfasts, volleyball tournaments, and helping to raise funds (normally through friendly competition) for organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Mustard Seed are also some of the activities I was able to be involved within the company.  Overall, it's an awesome and fun place to work!”

- Andrea Z
Gustavson School of Business

“Working at Carmanah was a valuable and enjoyable CO-OP experience. Unlike other CO-OPS, Carmanah integrated me immediately into their community and culture. I wasn't treated as a short-term contract employee and was encouraged to get involved with different company activities. I was very impressed by how much time was invested in my skills and knowledge around their business. I would recommend this company, and their CO-OP positions to any student.”

- Stewart E
Gustavson School of Business

"Working as a co-op student at Carmanah allowed me to put my school experience to the test in the real world. As an inside sales representative, I was exposed to a wide variety of sales activities including the opportunity to help Carmanah improve and create new business prospects. I also had the chance to write an instruction booklet for future co-op students with various guidelines and information about the company. My time spent working at Carmanah helped me to develop my communication, personal management, and organizational competencies.  In addition, the welcoming atmosphere makes for an awesome workplace and a great way to gain real-world experience."

- Lindsay H.
Gustavson School of Business