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Carmanah crosswalk solutions are ideal for communities looking to transform their urban landscapes into vibrant, livable space shared by all modes of transportation. A perfect fit for Smart Growth America initiatives, Complete Street projects, and communities seeking LEED ND certification, Carmanah Rectangular Rapid Flashing Crosswalk Beacons (RRFBs) are either solar or AC-powered and install quickly onto existing sign posts.

Communities like those in Bend, Oregon have noted a 60% increase in driver yield compliance at high-traffic crosswalks with the installation of rectangular rapid flashing beacon (RRFB) technology.
Here are some other real world examples of what can be accomplished with flashing beacon technology.

Community Case Studies

Video Stories

Rio Ranch, NM: RRFBs Improve Park Access

Rio Rancho crosswalk light installation

Carmanah R920 RRFBs are installed to improve pedestrian access at the entrance to a park in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

Des Plaines, IL: School Zone Crosswalk Safety

des plain iowa crosswalk installation video

In collaboration with the City of Des Plaines, the Transportation Alliance, and School District 62, improve walk and bike acces for kids.


Columbus, OH: School Zone Crosswalk Safety

School crossing near Indianola Informal School in Columbus, Ohio, improves pedestrian access for students and the local community.


Appleton, WI: College Ave Pedestrian Access

college avenue RRFB installation video

New crosswalks on College Avenue near Lawrence University are intended to make crossing the busy street safer for pedestrians and students.